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Higher Ed Marketing Journal Interview on Social Media

Social Media in Higher EducationI’m excited to share that, earlier this month, friend and co-founder of Circa Interactive, Clayton Dean, interviewed me for an article published on the Higher Ed Marketing Journal.  The article, Social Media and Higher Education: Interview with Kevin Grubb, is live now, and my 3 key takeaways from the piece are:

1.) Social media is no longer something we have to think of an addition to the long list of responsibilities at work.  Social media is a way you can do work – whether you work in admissions, career services or as a faculty member,

2.) To stay up to date on social media, consider adding a social marketing blog or professional association to the list of readings and events to attend.  Inspiration for great ideas may come from outside of higher education.  Check out our Stuff We Like page for some of our recommendations,

3.) Social media is a means to an end, not the end itself.  Research best practices, of course, but thinking creatively about how you can use it as a tool to communicate might have you coming up with a best practice yourself.

social @ edu readers, how are you seeing social media continue to integrate into your work in higher education?

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